Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Procrastinating Child

Let’s admit it, everyone that celebrates mothers day is sure to love and care for their mother very much, but it can also creep up on us.  The spring/summer is sort of a dead zone for holidays, so sometimes it sneaks up on the procrastinators among us.  So being the loving and caring sons and daughters, sometimes we are forced to make decisions very quickly on the gifts we give our mothers.  Here are a few ideas that make picking the best mothers day gifts online a little bit easier.

The old Reliable – Flowers

MOthers Day Bouquet

Flowers are still one of the best options.  However you see it, mothers love the beautiful things in life, including wonderful flowers.  They brighten up the day, and especially since mothers day falls in the spring/summer time, it offers some of the best flowers available on the market.

Plenty of options here, include 1-800 FLOWERS and

For the Sweet-Tooth – Chocolates

Again, another classic but not yet cliche, the box of chocolates.  Because its not short notice, you will likely pay a premium (but that’s the case with everything, including flowers).

The one tip I can give you here is to make sure that you can some good quality chocolate.  Russell Stover is wack, yo.  Get yourself Godiva at a minimum.  Theres tons of high quality chocolatiers out there, do yourself some googling and track something down for mom.

Personal Touch – Poem

Ok, whenever you have no other options, or maybe you are running low on cash or just want to be a little creative.  Here is where you can simple dig deep into your heart and pull out a short poem about what you mom means to you.

Trust me, even 50 words will likely mean so much more then any amount of chocolate or flowers.

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